ational institute of business studies NIBS-NIET is an exciting and progressive Certified Educational Institute. NIBS is an autonomous body,dedicated to the development of management studies. We offer internationally recognized research-led qualifications that are hugely relevant in today’s world. Our qualifications can greatly enhance career prospects and personal development. The studies of NIBS have been appreciated and recognized by the trade and business communities for its quality, updated syllabi and scientific methodology of instruction We are India’s leading autonomous body for distance learning..

Our Six Differentiators

These are the six tenets of NIBS which made us unique and helping to establish a new era of distance education. With the help of these tenets NIBS is able to transform education for working professionals to accomplish their goals and objectives. These are the differentiators which emphasis on those features that give a brief note and justify the point of choosing us for the further studies.

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Closeness to Practice

The NIBS's commitment to being at the forefront of the current and evolving practice of business has led to education and research programs that reflect the realities of .read more

Ideal Curriculumn

We are transforming education to develop a highly ideal curriculum for working professionals. As we know that working professional is not able to study as college student.read more

NIBS Case Method

Pioneered by NIBS faculty and one of the highlights of the NIBS experience, the case method is a profound educational innovation that presents the greatest challengesread more

One Sitting Exams

If you have successfully completed post graduate or under graduate work with an approved institution you may be eligible to transfer your earned credits towards the credit read more

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Our Services

  • Management Courses

    NIBS offers MBA (Masters Programme in Business Administration) programme which is designed to prepare competent professionals for careers in management in the corporate sector and in public sector organizations. The courses provide a generalised perspective which enables students to view the organization in a holistic manner
  • Engineering Courses

    Engineering is the science, art, skill and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, economic, social, practical knowledge, in order to design and build structures, systems, materials and processes in which a knowledge of the mathematical and natural sciences gained by study, experience, and practice for the benefits of the human society.
  • Career Development Resources

    Career in MBA & professional development will help students to make their career vision and will equip them with the tools and knowledge needed by them to achieve success in their career we help you & work with you to realize your leadership qualities. With the help of workshops, events and other resources, you can discover the career path which suits you the best.


  • Hi,

    I declare that Nibs is the best Institute, because it offers easy learning, perfect studies, and help during the course. I really enjoyed being a Nibs student, and appreciate all your efforts towards my success. I am now doing BBA.

    Thanks, Syed Amjad
  • Hi,

    The courses I have taken and Diplomas gained has secured me a better employment and working condition in Fiji. The remuneration and job security is very attractive and I owe it to the Institute and all the brilliant people on it. Money invested in the Institute and the time spent has been worthwhile and no doubt has given myself returns that far exceed the fee paid.

    Thanks, Wilf Willu
  • Hi,

    Thanks to Nibs Diploma, because of this, when I showed to the Regional Administration, they offered me better job in the Regional Health Bureau as a General Service Head (property head).

    Thanks, K. Santosh Kumar
  • Hi, National Institute Of Business Studies is one of the best Institute around the world. After I received the training manuals and studied them a little, I thought what a good thing I’ve done. It explains everything so clearly, so understandably, so nicely that one always wants to study more.
    Thanks, Prodeep Ghoshal
  • Hi,

    My Diploma bought me immediate success! My boss told me how proud he was of me, and I have received promotion and a salary increase from the Ministry of Health. I have already enrolled for one more course.

    Thanks, Vikas Thakur
  • Hi,

    A sincere thank you for the high quality courses offered by the Institute, and for the efficient services your staff provide. Having taken an Honours Diploma and been impressed by the clear, concise course materials, not only are they easy to understand, but also to apply to the everyday tasks of business and commerce. The knowledge I have gained is going to stand me in good stead for the rest of my career.

    Thanks, Srimanta Sahu
  • Hi,

    I would like to take this opportunity to convey my enthusiastic support for open learning in general and for Nibs in particular. The Nibs MBA has boosted my career skills and now, I am the assistant manager of my company. I applaud your vision and leadership in creating a foundation dedicated to the enhancement of open learning and continuing education.

    Thanks, Nelson Rosarlo
  • Hi,

    I am very much impressed with Nibs programs and the manuals are straightforward and easy to understand. I have discovered the interest my employer now has in me and it appears my elbows will be greased by my boss.

    Thanks, Shankha Das
  • Hi,

    Since I started my studies with the Institute I have applied for a job in the Ministry of Education in a Secondary School, where I am now working as a manager in a sector of 15 installed computers, and I am also teaching English at the same school.

    Thanks, Nandini Malhotra
  • Hi,

    A million thanks to your support for making my life more interesting and productive. I am so delighted with my results from the course I chose with your institute. The business course has helped me tremendously in the family business and I have been promoted to Assistant Supervisor.

    Thanks, Sandeep Kumar Singh
  • Hi,

    Thanks, now I am proud holder of Diploma in Management and will apply for further Programs as I have employment with a new organisation. Wishing you all the best.

    Thanks, Preeti Negi
  • Hi,

    I would like to acknowledge receipt of my Honours Diploma. I was very satisfied. That Nibs Program is helping me to develop my business perspective that is necessary to succeed in todays markets. I was able to put my learning into practice and serve my clients better. My expectations, which were very high, have been exceeded. I now apply for entry onto a Degree programme.

    Thanks, Mohsin Khan
  • Hi, Now I have two prestigious Diplomas in my possession and hopefully one on the way. I am very proud of it. The Institute has given me new aspirations in my studies and has given me the skills needed to be developed in putting all these into practical use.
    Thanks, Himadri Sekhar Ghosh
  • Hi,

    I have completed the four Qualifying Programs and have been promoted to manager of the Front Office in a 4-star hotel. The Honours Diploma I am now expecting from you will meet my further ambitions for the future.

    Thanks, Babu Sarkar
  • Hi,

    I completed a Diploma with your honoured College when I was in Saudi Arabia and now have moved to Canada with my family and I really appreciate that Nibs Diploma helped me to get a job as a Sales Manager for one of the largest mens clothing companies in Canada

    Thanks, Harpreet Singh
  • Hi,

    Nibs training is undoubtedly the best one can have. I have learnt a lot from this very comprehensive, straightforward and instructive program. The course has given me a much better understanding of all the different interrelated applied principles in business management. Thank you very much for you have given me the keys to success. I strongly recommend Nibs to anyone seeking internationally renowned career training.

    Thanks, Rakesh Singh
  • Hi, Nibs effectively broadened my outlook and facilitated greater realisation of my true potential. A truly flexible program that can be studied successfully even by a working professional.
    Thanks, Rajnish Tandekar
  • Hi,

    I am happy to have received the Diploma in Human Resource Management. As soon as I received the Diploma I was recommended immediately and got promoted.

    Thanks, Binoop Cp
  • Hi,

    My recent achievement in obtaining your prestigious Diploma made my future brighter, has tremendously changed my life and enabled me to build self-confidence.

    Thanks, Mohd. Danish Khan
  • Hi, Your Training Materials are superb, instructive, straightforward and easy to learn. I thought learning would be difficult but your teaching methods are very well planned to encourage quick training.
    Thanks, Syed M Sarwar
  • Hi, Thank you for the excellent training your institute provided to me. The Training materials were informative and easy to understand. I am looking forward to continue my training, kindly advise me on the most suitable management program.
    Thanks, Mathura Dutt Pandey
  • Hi, I have got a prominent job in a reputed company due to your precious awarded diploma. I congratulate you on my success as my success is your success and your Institute success. Since I got the job due to your diploma I am ambitious more to read from your Institute.
    Thanks, Lalit Mohan
  • Hi, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Nibs for affording me the International Diploma, this makes my dreams become truth. I would like you to send me my new Programs.
    Thanks, Ashish Malhotra
  • Hi, It is with profound gratitude and appreciation that I fax this letter to let you know of my recent promotion from secretary to Confidential Secretary in my Department. God Bless you and the entire staff of Nibs. I do hope that you will celebrate with me on my achievements
    Thanks, Atul Singh
  • Hi, I completed my diploma and now I have almost completed my B.E in electronics & communication. I am now well-educated and motivated! Nibs provided me with vital resources, affordable fees and a sound educational background. Nibs achieved for me what I thought would always be impossible!”
    Thanks, Naresh Goud
  • Hi, I would like to thank you for your Magic Diploma on Business Management & Administration. Honestly, this Diploma has seen me to a new job as Procurement Supervisor with a much higher salary per month. For this reason I started up a small campaign for candidates and I have come up with candidates who are highly interested and motivated (after seeing my diploma) to be enrolled.
    Thanks, Divas Vashishth
  • Hi Whether it was the tensed moments before sending an application to a Institute or the happiness of securing admit from a prestigious Institute like NIBS, the entire team of Access has been a support all through. Owing to their efforts, I got through couple of Institute and chose NIBS as my ultimate destination.
    Thanks, Vinay
  • Hi Access did an exemplary job in rating my profile and transforming a medical practitioner into a management student. Moreover, constant discussions and scrutiny of my profile helped in coming up with competent essays. The editing work done on the drafts by the Access team was excellent and gave an impeccable flow to my statements. I thank you for everything.
    Thanks, Deepak
  • My sincere thanks to the Access Team. Going through the MBA admission process all by myself would have not been possible looking into my hectic work schedule and responsibilities. Team’s intervention helped me understand that my expertise in Private equity and Finance can be entwined perfectly with an MBA. Your valid inputs made my essays strong and helped me get admission into a reputed University like NIBS.
    Thanks, Gaurav


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